Why 360º?

You can’t make good business decisions without exploring a problem from multiple angles.

360º of Inspiration is a series of events created for CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurs. We’ll tackle universal issues impacting your business through the varied and sometimes contrasting perspectives of an expert panel, followed by open discussions and a healthy debate with your peers.

Since any debate goes down better with wine and food, the discussion will be sandwiched by a reception and after party.



Susan and Faith – business leaders, community builders and drivers – met serving on the Board of CAWEE where both created a number of successful events for members, and loved every minute of it. Seeing a lack of events for execs and seasoned business owners like you, like them – they decided to develop this series.

susan-quinn Susan Quinn, Business Development Manager
Brigholme Interiors Group
Susan has recently joined the Brigholme Interiors Group team as their New Business Development Manager. She loves helping her clients deal with the changing nature of work, determine what their ideal office environment looks like and providing them with the best product solutions to support their needs. She has been a vital force in helping to run volunteer organizations that support women in business including CAWEE and Nightwood Theatre, planning and organizing major events, marketing and fundraising initiatives. Susan loves building communities, working with Faith and listening to smart people talk.
FaithSeekings-lrg Faith Seekings, President & Creative Director
Rapport Communications & Design Inc.

Though Faith began her professional life as a graphic designer, she is eleven years into a thriving marketing business. Faith is now a sought-after speaker on both marketing and small business issues. She’s also been involved with several different organizations and creating many successful events. With a drive to create new things plus a propensity to take over and make things happen, she’s very excited to bring you 360º of Inspiration along with brilliant partner Susan.