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February 11, 2014: The Real Impact of Social Media on Business

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We usually ask: Is social media an effective marketing tool or time waster? Does it increase reach or make us vulnerable? However, social media has revolutionized the way we share information so profoundly that the impact goes much deeper than we could possibly imagine.

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10 Reasons Why Strategies Fail

Nick HughesAfter many years of helping organizations develop and execute strategy one thing we have learned is that corporate culture has nothing to do with the success or failure of strategy. Strong leadership and excellent change management skills are what counts.

We have found 10 reasons why companies fail to execute strategy. They are:

  1. Implementing strategy means change and change needs change management. Many business owners have no training in change management and so they try and force the change on the team. Forcing anything has the opposite effect; resistance. Continue reading

What is Culture and How do You Change It?

This statement “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” is provocative. It stems from the idea that corporate strategies cannot be met or achieved if the culture isn’t there to support it. Some would say culture is soft and in reality often put on the back burner to satisfy strategy first.

It’s easy to define ‘strategy’: it’s a design, a game plan, the means to help achieve something. But how do you define culture within a business setting? It can be hazy and perhaps a trendy thing to talk about right now. Continue reading

Strategy, Structure then Culture

Culture is celebrated in successful organizations – as it should be. Corporate culture is ultimately the way you get things done; it’s the glue that holds an organization together and is often a big reason why people want to work with you.

An effective culture can be identified as one that gives its employees a shared sense of premise, purpose and promise: Who are we? What do we believe in? What inspires us? Where are we going? What will it look like when we get there? How great does it feel being a part of this?

A successful and meaningful culture doesn’t happen by accident or wishful thinking. It is, in every way, a designed application like any piece of software. An organization with an outstanding strategy will, more often than not, develop an outstanding culture. The key is the sequence of development…strategy, structure, and then culture.

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The millennial generation – the mother of all generation gaps.

Turn off that noise… . Get a hair cut… .I used to walk ten miles to school up hill, in the snow, uphill. Kids today… There’s always conflict between the generations. How could they not be when shaped by very different social, political and world events. The music alone, wow.

Millennial Generation - more different than everBut the way Generation Y, or the millennial generation has impacted the workplace as they come of age is demonstrating the mother of all generational differences. The rift has inspired experts, studies, and events like ours to deal with it. Continue reading

Generations in the Workplace – Where Do You Fit?

It’s a hot topic – Generation Y this, Generation Y that. Why? Because due to their sheer numbers as the echo of the post-war baby boom, and the massive technological advancements and social change they’ve grown up with, their entrance into the workforce is having a huge impact on workplace harmonics. They are so different that it has created the mother of all generation gaps in businesses with up to four generations in the workplace, trying to co-exist. Continue reading