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October 8, 2013: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

CEOs, Executives and Business Leaders alike strive to propel their business forward. But what generates real change and growth: culture or strategy?

The phrase ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ is attributed to Peter Drucker but popularized just a few years ago by Mark Fields, president of Ford Motor Company. He, and many business leaders today find that no matter how well defined their vision is or how exceptional the strategy, neither can be realized if it’s not supported by culture.

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How to Bridge the Great Divide

Our first event – April 10, 2013

CEOs, Executives and Business Leaders joined our panelists to discuss the most prolific divide between generational groups, ever.

It was a rainy Spring day but Holt’s Café on Bloor was bright and beautiful. Guests started arriving just before 6 pm and had about 45 minutes to mingle and chat. Holt’s served delicious food and wine before we got down to business at 6:30.

Our guests were looking for a way to bring their team together, to cut the squabbling and get down to business? Many had multiple generations working in their company, identifying with this pervasive issue. They were inspired by insights from this enlightening discussion with our panelists and questions from their peers. Continue reading