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Know Thyself. It’s Strategic

Jonathan WilsonGuest Blog by Jonathan Wilson, Soul Systems

One of the myths of our increasingly globalized age is that people are all, in essence the same. I’ve lived in radically different settings over my forty plus years and I can testify that they are not – these include seventeen years growing up in a remote tribe in the rainforests of New Guinea to working with warlords in South Africa to my leadership and strategy work with Europeans and North Americans (I have also studied culture academically).  Cultures vary widely in how they view time, what makes someone a leader, whether life is a primarily a set of mechanical problems to solve or a variety of relational ones to maintain, and so on. And, as our European and Asian counterparts tend to be quite familiar with (where their work teams are more culturally diverse), differences between cultures can make it tremendously hard to maximize performance. But when teams figure out how to tap the unique contributions from each person and their culture-informed contribution, magic happens. Continue reading