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Look Forward by Looking Back

What could change in the business world over the next ten years can be obvious when we see long term plans. It can also be completely unfathomable how huge change can be – we often can’t foresee the full impact. Well, somebody somewhere probably can, but not the average person.

To get an idea how much coming changes can impact the business world, let’s try looking back at the last ten years and just a couple business-related changes. Continue reading

Why Blink 2024?

The Next Topic

Our next 360° event is all about looking ten years into the future, identifying the key changes to come, and how business leaders can prepare for and/or take advantage of them. This is a very broad topic that could cover many, many angles – technology alone has many implications, there’s changing workforce, sustainability issues, physical workplace and location, marketplace demands, emerging markets, changes specific to Toronto like downtown redevelopment, and so on and so on. Continue reading

February 11, 2014: The Real Impact of Social Media on Business

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We usually ask: Is social media an effective marketing tool or time waster? Does it increase reach or make us vulnerable? However, social media has revolutionized the way we share information so profoundly that the impact goes much deeper than we could possibly imagine.

How has it changed your business? Continue reading

Social Media is Not Just for Marketing

by Faith Seekings

Social Media has brought global reach and real-time communications to companies across the globe. By definition it’s the ability for users to self-publish and share information, so many smart companies and software developers have adopted the technologies and open style of communication to operate business in new ways. Continue reading

Measuring Social Media Marketing is Not Rocket Science

by Faith Seekings

At first social media seemed like a godsend to the keeper of marketing budgets – free platforms, free access, do-it-yourself… But what they soon realized is it takes a lot of someone’s time and effort to make social media work as a marketing tool. Plus, you can’t just broadcast any old thing to have a presence, it has to be intelligent and compelling. Then you have to – at the very least – listen and engage in dialogue. It’s even smarter to proactively find new ways to engage followers. Continue reading

October 8, 2013: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

CEOs, Executives and Business Leaders alike strive to propel their business forward. But what generates real change and growth: culture or strategy?

The phrase ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ is attributed to Peter Drucker but popularized just a few years ago by Mark Fields, president of Ford Motor Company. He, and many business leaders today find that no matter how well defined their vision is or how exceptional the strategy, neither can be realized if it’s not supported by culture.

See Photo Gallery below. Photos by Donna Santos Continue reading