Look Forward by Looking Back

What could change in the business world over the next ten years can be obvious when we see long term plans. It can also be completely unfathomable how huge change can be – we often can’t foresee the full impact. Well, somebody somewhere probably can, but not the average person.

To get an idea how much coming changes can impact the business world, let’s try looking back at the last ten years and just a couple business-related changes.

Technology is a Big and Obvious Game Changer

A single but excellent example is the iPhone. The first model was released in 2007 sparking the smartphone frenzy! That wasn’t even ten years ago and look how much smartphones have changed most users lives. Yes, people could access the internet on their cell phones before but it was very awkward and expensive. The iPhone revolutionized mobile connectedness, inspiring all kinds of competition making smartphones fairly commonplace and affordable data plans available.

Then came the iPad, it’s subsequent generations and oodles of competitive tablets. I’m sure there were others working on smartphones and tablets too, but Apple beat everyone to mass market and made them popular and usable, as able is known to do.

These devices, only around for seven years now have completely changed the way we work and communicate. They allow leaders and employees to be easily in touch anywhere, anytime. Smartphones and tablets have made us more mobile and future workforce will demand to be more mobile than ever – completely changing the way businesses consider space and technology for their clients.

What will be invented in the next ten years and how will business owners keep up with it or take advantage to run a better business that not only sells well but engages and retains great people?

Career Paths

Significantly, there are several jobs/careers and services that have only been introduced in the last ten years. Just to name a few: user experience design, sustainability expert, elder care, cloud computing services, chief listening officer, social media manager, millennial generational expert, market research data miner, app developer, etc.

Some of these reflect changes in technology, some are due to social changes. It may be driven by marketing needs or workforce demands. To me they seem so commonplace that it’s hard to believe they didn’t even exist ten years ago.

What new developments in the next ten years will create what kind of positions? Which will you find you need to make room for in your company?

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