Why Blink 2024?

The Next Topic

Our next 360° event is all about looking ten years into the future, identifying the key changes to come, and how business leaders can prepare for and/or take advantage of them. This is a very broad topic that could cover many, many angles – technology alone has many implications, there’s changing workforce, sustainability issues, physical workplace and location, marketplace demands, emerging markets, changes specific to Toronto like downtown redevelopment, and so on and so on.

Focusing the Lens

As we spoke with potential speakers, we found a common thread through all of these angles, which is the influence of the changing workforce, whether it affects how you run your business, or changes to your business offerings. It is often said that people are a company’s most valuable asset. I think all of us with staff can relate to that statement and the importance of managing that asset well. That being said, we are using the changing workforce as a lens to look at the next decade.

We have heard statistics about the enormous baby boomer population retiring in the next little while and how important it is to engage and retain good talent to fill the massive holes. Coming up behind them we have an also large generation that is very different from what leaders are used to. Besides different perspectives and strengths, this generation plays a huge role in driving the evolution of the workforce towards being a much more global-minded, mobile, and tech-enabled then we have ever been before.

What Will it All Mean For You?

How will that change your environment? How will you design your workspace, facilitate technological support? What will you put in place to attract and retain great talent? What kind of decisions will go into where you are located in ten years and how will you design it to suit your cutting edge management model and demands of your evolved team?

Join us at the next 360º event and share your struggles and ideas

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