Social Media is Not Just for Marketing

by Faith Seekings

Social Media has brought global reach and real-time communications to companies across the globe. By definition it’s the ability for users to self-publish and share information, so many smart companies and software developers have adopted the technologies and open style of communication to operate business in new ways.

Employees, colleagues and clients can communicate easily regardless of location and in real-time, as well as share any form of information including files. Not just sending, but working on files simultaneously. This takes simple telecommuting and more complex overseas collaboration to a whole new level.

A good example is software developers have created tools to allow companies to manage projects online in a real-time, social-style environment, where everyone can contribute. It does mean changing the way companies have worked for many years. Some aren’t willing to adapt, thinking what they have has served them well up until now. Maybe they call it a fear of technology. However, it’s often the fear of change itself that can be difficult to face, not necessarily new technology.

What is a real shame is when companies don’t recognize the potential, and therefore don’t take advantage.

The funny thing is many resisters don’t even realize this has been happening around them all along. The next time you hear the words ‘social media’ and Facebook is the only thing that pops into your head, think again. Look around and think about how you communicate and how you look things up, and you’ll realize that most of the amazing and most recent developments are thanks to or part of social media.

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