February 11, 2014: The Real Impact of Social Media on Business

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We usually ask: Is social media an effective marketing tool or time waster? Does it increase reach or make us vulnerable? However, social media has revolutionized the way we share information so profoundly that the impact goes much deeper than we could possibly imagine.

How has it changed your business?

The event was a great success with our panelists providing a broad range of perspectives. This topic provoked the most audience participation we’ve seen at a 360 event and garnered comments like ‘that’s the best B2B answer I’ve ever heard.’ We also heard that we really just scratched the surface on this very broad and deep topic.

What we know for sure is from use as a marketing or as a research tool, whether activity is individual or company-wide, to the amount of information we receive how it effects our ability to process, even if we ignore it completely, the true impact of social media goes way deeper than you would think.


Moderator and Past Panelist

Kendra Reddy, Blueprint StrategiesKendra Reddy
CPCC, ACC Leadership Coach itsabiglife.com >
“This topic is close to my heart. The relationship between culture and strategy is complex, and I’m excited about guiding a lively discussion!”


Randall CraigRandall Craig
Author, Consultant, and President, 108 ideaspace
RandallCraig.com and 108ideaspace.com
“Unbridled use of Social Media means exposure to risk. Ignorance means no connection to the zeitgeist of today – or the generation of tomorrow.”

Nancy Shapiro, Koskie Minsky LLPNancy Shapiro
Partner, Koskie Minsky LLP Barristers and Solicitors
“Social media creates a whole host of issues that businesses have not thought of before.”

Sylvain_Perrier75x75Sylvain Perrier
President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercatus Technologies
mercatustechnologies.com, sylvainperrier.com, twitter.com/sylvainperrier
“The key to how we manage social media is to know our business, corporate culture, brand values, employee make-up and set ground rules. Celebrate the good, deal with the bad, and manage the ugly.”

Sherri RossiSherri Rossi
Human Resources Consultant, The Employers’ Choice Inc.
theemployerschoice.com, twitter.com/sherrirossi
“The most powerful (and scary) thing about social media is the global reach it creates, the speed and transparency with which it reaches the audiences.”

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