The Real Impact of Social Media

by Jay Whiteside (Written as a series of Tweets)

Numbers don’t lie: 25% of the planet uses Social Media. The number is doubling every four years. Average time spent exceeds 15 hours/month.

Democratization of media has liftoff. A single person can now command an audience larger than the hottest prime time show of the ‘90’s.

The Social puzzle is a paradox. Social idiom uses fewer words to over-share among an attention-challenged global market. With acronyms. Social “struts”. The culture of me. (By those challenged to spell narcissist.) A willingness to get naked in hybrid anonymity.

Whatever happened to modestly when the Leader of the Free World posts a selfie? Yet close to two-thirds of Social users express privacy concerns.

Let’s do an LHL. Long Hard Look. Is there more to this than being smug?

YES. Marketers serve evolving customers. And with each customer having “broadcast” capability, rue the brand that is deaf to Social voices.

The #1 business pressure driving Social Media usage is consumer adoption of Social Media as a primary shopping channel. (Aberdeen Group)

Monitoring behaviours via Social communities is vastly more effective than conventional research in creating new market segments.

Companies now use Social Media monitoring to understand consumer sentiment and demand, and add value in supply chain management.

Savvy observers see beyond rockstar incoherence in the Twitterverse. Social Media has reshaped the way we interact and interpret.

The real impact of Social? Social is fast as now. Pundit Peggy Noonan says “if information’s not new, it’s not real”. That’s MPCT!

Jay Whiteside is a Senior Strategist at KPDi, a Toronto-based online solutions firm that helps businesses make sense of digital opportunities. Jay has held senior marketing positions with McDonald’s Restaurants and Labatt Breweries and has managed over a billion dollars of marketing assets during his career.

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