October 8, 2013: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

CEOs, Executives and Business Leaders alike strive to propel their business forward. But what generates real change and growth: culture or strategy?

The phrase ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’ is attributed to Peter Drucker but popularized just a few years ago by Mark Fields, president of Ford Motor Company. He, and many business leaders today find that no matter how well defined their vision is or how exceptional the strategy, neither can be realized if it’s not supported by culture.

See Photo Gallery below. Photos by Donna Santos

So which comes first – strategy or culture? Which is really more important? Some may say culture is a soft concern and strategy trumps everything. Others would say culture is the soul of a company.

Guests joined our experts in a panel discussion and share your thoughts on culture vs. strategy, as well as reconnect with each other and hosts Faith and Susan to:

  • Hear four different viewpoints
  • Learn how to integrate culture and strategy
  • Share new approaches to a common problem
  • Engage all perspectives for higher success
  • Meet new people and have some fun


Moderator and Past Panelist

Kendra Reddy, Blueprint StrategiesKendra Reddy
CPCC, ACC Leadership Coach itsabiglife.com >
“This topic is close to my heart. The relationship between culture and strategy is complex, and I’m excited about guiding a lively discussion!”


Susan HodkinsonSusan Hodkinson, Crowe Soberman LLP
Chief Operating Officer, HR Expert crowesoberman.com >
“We won’t sacrifice culture for strategy – that’s short-term thinking. That’s what’s kept us alive and independent while our competitors get absorbed and disappear.”


Nick HughesNick Hughes, Your Planning Partners Ltd.
Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Consultant and Coach. yourplanningpartners.com >
“After 30 years of helping develop and execute strategy we’ve learned corporate culture has nothing to do with the success or failure of it.”


Kimberly BruceKimberly Bruce, Canadian Tire Corporation
AVP Facility Services, Survivor of Major Reorgs corp.canadiantire.ca >
“A strong culture within an organization can be difficult, if not impossible to ignore, yet it can also be the inspiration for great strategy.”


Jonathan WilsonJonathan Wilson, Leadership by Soul
Leadership & Strategy Consultant, Speaker, Writer. leadbysoul.com >
“If you don’t know how to work your culture, your strategy won’t work — or, at least, it won’t work well.”


Photo Gallery

Photos by Donna Santos

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