Monthly Archives: September 2013

What Does Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast Really Mean?

The topic for the next event was inspired by the now popular phrase: culture eats strategy for breakfast. In looking for panelists that will represent different viewpoints it has become a culture versus strategy debate. Our panelists, our guests and both Susan and I are talking about them in terms of which one is more important in helping a business achieve its goals. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Strategies Fail

Nick HughesAfter many years of helping organizations develop and execute strategy one thing we have learned is that corporate culture has nothing to do with the success or failure of strategy. Strong leadership and excellent change management skills are what counts.

We have found 10 reasons why companies fail to execute strategy. They are:

  1. Implementing strategy means change and change needs change management. Many business owners have no training in change management and so they try and force the change on the team. Forcing anything has the opposite effect; resistance. Continue reading