How to Bridge the Great Divide

Our first event – April 10, 2013

CEOs, Executives and Business Leaders joined our panelists to discuss the most prolific divide between generational groups, ever.

It was a rainy Spring day but Holt’s Café on Bloor was bright and beautiful. Guests started arriving just before 6 pm and had about 45 minutes to mingle and chat. Holt’s served delicious food and wine before we got down to business at 6:30.

Our guests were looking for a way to bring their team together, to cut the squabbling and get down to business? Many had multiple generations working in their company, identifying with this pervasive issue. They were inspired by insights from this enlightening discussion with our panelists and questions from their peers.

There have always been gaps between generations that cause conflict… the music, the clothing, the haircuts. However, the divide between Generation Y and their seniors is so huge it’s generated an army of experts and consultants just to deal with it.

Our panelists David, Kendra and Tim represented Gen Y, Gen X and Boomers respectively and provided insights on why there is such a gap – it’s fueled by differences in upbringing and society, especially technology. It influences thinking and problem-solving approaches, aspirations, work ethic, values and more. The one thing they all agreed on was it is a management issue – regardless of frustrations, it’s up to managers to learn how to manage all generations for success.

David, Tim and moderator Paul kindly donated copies of their books for draw. David Singh donated  20 free applicant screens from Kira Talent to every guest! Our sponsor Harkel Office Furniture donated a lovely chair. Congratulations to Albert for winning the chair!

We have created a LinkedIn Group and would invite you to join the group to connect and continue the conversation.



Keynote and Moderator

paul-tobey Paul Tobey, Training Business Pros
CEO, Speaker, Trainer and Author of Suggestology
“If you want to connect with someone from another generation you have to come in where they’re at, not where you’re at.” >


tim-rutledge Tim Rutledge, Tim Rutledge Inc.
Consultant, Speaker, Educator and Author of
Getting Engaged, the New Workplace Loyalty
“Supervisors of the Gen Y employees need to “manage the exit door” by learning how to manage the performances of Gen Y employees, and motivate them to remain with the employer.” >
Kendra Reddy, Blueprint Strategies Kendra Reddy, Blueprint Strategies
CPCC, ACC Leadership Coach
“If companies want to retain superstar and all-star players, they need to redefine their beliefs and attachments to past and current definitions of leadership and flexibility. Employees need to be clear on what their definitions of ‘success’ and ‘having it all’ mean to them, and communicate that to the company.” >
David Singh, Kira Talent David Singh, Kira Talent
VP Strategy & Operations at Kira Talent and Author of
Hitting Stryde: Gen-Y Early Career Survival Guide
“Inspire Gen-Y by clearly defining what excellence is, celebrating fail points, and saying goodbye to poor performers quickly.” >

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