Blink 2024: Get Your Business Future-Ready

What are innovative businesses doing to prepare their world for ten years from now?

There are many things that will change in Canadian business over the next ten years. Proactive business leaders recognize the top trends and are already working to take advantage of them. It is a very broad topic that can include how the city will evolve to support business, how day-to-day interaction and work-styles are changing, not to mention major shifts in demographics. What about doing business in an international marketplace? Technology, education, the cost of electricity, and on and on all affect and influence. The common thread is that changes largely being driven by our most valuable asset – the workforce. And change is coming faster than ever.

Is it threatening or exciting?

What can your business look like in ten years?

Join our experts in a panel discussion as they share insights into getting businesses future-ready. Contribute your own thoughts, concerns and innovative ideas.

  • Hear four different viewpoints
  • Share new approaches to a common problem
  • Engage all perspectives for higher success
  • Meet new people and have some fun






Vanessa JudelmanVanessa Judelman, Mosaic People Development >
President, Developing leaders who inspire great results.
The futures belongs to leaders who realize ‘the way we’ve always done it’ is no longer a viable option.”



Chris WheeldonChris Wheeldon, Cisco Systems Canada Co >
Program Manager, Toronto IoE Innovation Centre. Learn about Chris.
“There are a lot of weird and wonderful changes coming that will revolutionize the way we do business. The future lies in the ability to analyze all that wonderful data we’ve been collecting, and interpret it in a way that helps us improve everything.”

DebbieBaxterDebbie Baxter, Deloitte
Future of Work Innovator, Vice-President Deloitte Real Estate
Learn about Debbie >  “With the dramatic and imminent changes in workplace demographic, employers have an opportunity to change how work is done and office space is used to engage a new generation of leaders and harvest economic benefits to the business. Win – Win!”

Rohan Jayasekera, Rohan Jayasekera Consulting
Product Development/Management Consultant
Learn about Rohan >  “Traditional companies need to change their approach to survive and be efficient in an emerging world where the Lean Startup approach of “test everything” will rule. Experience only gets you so far. You have to let go of your ego and have the humility to do what the market tells you it wants.”

Karen Dubeau, ventureLAB York Region
Director of Partner Engagement
Learn about Karen >  “Exponential Change is the phenomenon of massive, disruptive changes occurring at breakneck speed, in many sectors, simultaneously. It is also the new reality in which all of our organizations find themselves. From cloud-based office systems to managing innovation portfolios, companies are adopting agile and adaptive methods of planning to manage through exponential change.”